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Home Again

We have returned from Guatemala and are now settled in our respective summer places. While the time difference wasn't enough to throw us off our axis, I know for me, stepping off the plane in Atlanta, and Roanoke, was like returning to another planet. I can't really fully describe the feeling of coming back from Guatemala but, I now understand why people in other countries feel the way they do about America.

Now that we are back, all we have from beautiful Guatemala are our thoughts, memories, and a couple souvenirs. All we can do now, is process all the information, and experiences we had while away for those short six days. Each one was packed with so many things to do that we must rely on our pictures to really remember all that we saw, and accomplished. But we will remember. Thank you to everyone who allowed us this privilege, we will always be thankful.

Meagan Espinoza

"Photos cannot capture the magnificent beauty juxtposed among the pain and heartache of Guatemala, a country filled with some of the strongest people I have ever met. Gracias a Dios por esta oportunidad para aprender y ser bendecido por las historias de la gente de Guate. My eyes have been opened wide to the suffering that occurs not only in Guate, but within each of our own communities every day that we turn a blind eye to. Let the scales fall from our eyes, and let us start living in the discomfort that women oppression, rape, gun violence, drugs, poverty, contaminated water, dying planet, and political corruption are all very prevalent monstrosities, of our world that are certainly not hopeless causes. Throwing money at the problem or doing a few laborious acts may help for a little, but I challenge you do go deeper, get educated, learn and hear from as many different people as you can , and speak up about the discomfort that may lie 5000 miles away or just down your own block."

Mitchell Skowbo

Guatemala in three words; Beautiful, Hopeful, Hardship

"My favorite moment on the trip was taking tickets and handing the hygiene kits to the people in line at the volcano refuge camp. I was elated to speak Spanish with the people and see the impact we had helping make their lives a little more comfortable."

Connor Leidner

"To CEDEPCA, UKirk, and to everyone who made this trip possible, thank you. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to experience something I will never forget. Gracias por todos. Soy una persona nueva. Soy una persona mejor. Through this trip, I saw what a little hope can do and what a little service can yield. I experienced pluralism, both cultural and religious. I saw resilience. I saw faith. I saw love. I saw God."

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