Ukirk is the Presbyterian (PCUSA) Campus Ministry at Virginia Tech. 


Join us every Tuesday Night at 6pm for community fellowship! 

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Hey Everyone! We know that this is a hard time for campus ministries and churches to meet in person but we have made it a goal at Ukirk to try and meeting in person, weather permitting. We have masks and are social distancing for the protection of everyone. We believe it is a blessing to be together in person and we hope that you can join us! If you would like to join our group chat or receive our weekly emails to know the up to date happenings at Ukirk just email us at!



UKirk Presbyterian Campus Ministry at Virginia Tech seeks to be a safe, open, and inclusive community that is welcoming to all people. Therefore, we stand with all of those who are experiencing the violence of bigotry and racism. We believe that everyone – women, men, members of the LGBTQI+ community and the deaf community, African Americans, Asian Americans, Latinx Americans, ALL people – are created in the image of God, and are beloved of God. We are outraged by the hate-filled speech that we have seen from the Virginia Tech chapter of Turning Point USA. 


Our faith calls us to comfort those who are being targeted and are subjected to violence, and to seek greater understanding among all groups of people. We condemn violence against marginalized peoples, in word and in action. UKirk is a community for those who seek to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly. If you feel threatened and unsafe in this community, we are here for you. No one should feel that they are deemed lesser than, as we were all molded from the same clay, in God’s own hands. 


As Christians, we are called to challenge. We are called to challenge racism. We are called to challenge sexism. We are called to challenge homophobia. We are called to challenge discrimination in all of its forms. We are called to learn. We are called to learn by challenging our own history, by questioning our own actions. We are called to learn by listening to those whose voices are so often left unheard, or so quickly suppressed. We are called to lead. We are called to use our privilege to advance those whose status was so swiftly and cruelly lowered by the color of their skin, by their gender assigned at birth, or by who they love. We are called to lead our representatives and politicians to support policies aiding the oppressed. We are called to challenge. We are called to learn. We are called to lead. This is the future of the Church. We are the future of the Church.


The hate of TPUSA does not belong in this community. We are calling upon this administration to move beyond well-meaning words. Your students feel unsafe. 

-The UKirk Leadership Team

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