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About us

Mission Statement:

UKirk Ministry at Virginia Tech aspires to be faithful to God, to love all people as Christ loves us, and to trust the leading of the Holy Spirit in our life together.  The mission of UKirk Ministry at Virginia Tech is to nurture the faith development and discipleship of students, respond to human needs regardless of ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation, and promote peace and justice as Christ teaches us.

Formerly called, "Cooper House", the Presbyterian Campus Ministry has a new name...UKirk at Virginia Tech! UKirk means "University Church" and is a name that Presbyterian Campus Ministries are adopting all across the country. We aspire to be faithful to God, to love others as Christ loves us, and to trust the leading of the Holy Spirit in our life together. We Welcome You!

Our Partner Churches: Blacksburg Presbyterian Church, Roanoke Valley Church, Christiansburg Presbyterian Church, and Northside Presbyterian Church 

Our Pastor:                            Our House:                                         Our Meeting Space:
Kathy Carpenter
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Campus Minister

A Note From a UKirk Student Leader

Ukirk is more than a basement on Washington Street. It’s more than a gathering space for weary, hungry, overworked college students. Ukirk is our community of faith. Our weekly homecooked meal. Our alleviation from the stress of college. Ukirk is recuperation for our exhausted bodies and minds. Ukirk gives us a shared feeling of peace in our hearts and being together helps us put our faith in the forefront of our minds. 

Walking through the door and being welcomed into a warm room full of friends and food is a blessing that few could boast, but that is what Ukirk is to us. A blessing. As a freshman, you think to yourself, “What have I done to deserve this?” As a sophomore, “Tuesdays are my favorite days.” As a Junior, “I hope this never ends.” As a Senior you think, “This is what I am going to miss.” 

We are just college kids, trying to find our place in this world. We change our plans for the future continuously, and our classes change at the drop of a hat, but Ukirk is a constant. For two hours a week we sit together to laugh, vent, eat, and to realize that we are all in this together. We leave Washington Street with our faiths renewed, and with this blessing of Ukirk ringing in our ears.


Come Lord Jesus be our guest

And may this food to us be blessed,

And may there be a goodly share, 

On every table, everywhere. Amen

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